23 JAN 2015

Go Away Stowaway

It was fantastic to welcome local business AET in my surgery to see their new 'Go Away Stowaway' system to catch illegal migrants and stowaways climbing aboard vehicles.

AET International Ltd are based in Walmer. Their state of the art system can be fitted to all types of lorries and uses infra-red cameras and GPS positioning to alert the driver of a security breach, whether inside or underneath the lorry. We need to keep our borders as safe and secure as possible. This detection system will help catch even more illegal migrants who try to break into Britain from Calais. It's a simple, but effective, idea and will be a great help for lorry drivers.

AET Chief Executive and I have written to the Immigration Minister and UK Border Force to promote expansion of the system. It's a great invention. I hope more haulage companies adopt the system to track and stop those who try to break into Britain.


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