11 APR 2009

George Cross for Dover

The campaign for Dover to receive a George Cross stepped up a gear this weekend with a sleep out in the Grand Shaft. George Cross for Dover campaigners Stewart Dimmock and Cllr Chris Precious were among those who slept out in the Grand Shaft to draw attention to the campaign. The delightful Georgette Rapley was also there. I joined them with Castle Ward Councillor Nigel Collor (see picture). Stewart did a great interview with BBC South East to highlight the campaign.

Why do we all feel so strongly about it? Why am I a committee member of the George Cross for Dover campaign? We all know that Dover was the front line in the Second World War and the defiance of Dover and the White Cliffs standing proud are iconic to this day. Yet behind all the romance Dover was shot up, bombed and paid such a heavy price it came to me known as "Hellfire Corner". You know, Dover deserves a George Cross. And this St George's day, I will be raising a toast to the town and to the ongoing campaign for Dover to be given the George Cross it should have been awarded years ago.


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