18 AUG 2011

Future of Deal

The future of Deal and Walmer is a big issue at the moment and it seems to me that the time has come for a proper discussion about the future direction of Deal. It's no good looking at each issue and concern on its own. The points about housebuilding, transport, tourism, jobs and money are all interconnected. There needs to be a stronger impression of how all these things should fit together. There should be a clear plan. Not piecemeal add ons. For the way things are going, no one seems very satisfied and few have any clear sense of how things should develop.

It might seem obvious that Deal should be more accessible, as that would bring more jobs and money. It would greatly benefit businesses. Particularly if a dualled spur were to be developed from Eastry roundabout to London Road. Prosperity, as they say, comes down a dual carriageway. With fast trains as well, Deal would be far more connected. It would be far more attractive for businesses to set up. It would mean more prosperity and more jobs and money. It would bring greater opportunity to the 20 something victim of high youth unemployment.

Yet things are not as simple as that. Many people love Deal just the way it is. They do not want change. Given the apparent tension between these two views, I plan to carry out a survey to get a proper sense of where opinion lies on the future of Deal. To prompt a proper debate and to see if it might be possible to develop a consensus of how Deal and Walmer should develop in the future.



I love Deal and I don't want the hisoric parts of the town to change, however the A258 is a dangerous road and cannot no longer support the needs of the town. I fully support the idea of another road into Deal. Keep up the good work!
- Jon

Deal needs a North Deal Relief Road and a South Deal Relief Road to take traffic around the town rather than currently in to the town centre. Unfortunately the North Deal option means going through a flood plain and through the Fowlmead Park and the South Deal route means Ellens Road being widened to accommodate traiffic. As it is, Deal does not need more houses and the DDC councillors are to be congratulated for deferring the planning permission for hundreds of unnecessary houses in Sholden which the Head of Planning seems to be pushing for approval. I would suggest that any employment for Deal is zoned by the Relief Roads in to the town. As for retail development within Deal. Deal has been protected town centre wise by the lack of retail development which has avoided it becoming another Margate or Ramsgate. However, the stores in Deal are too small for modern chains and there is a demand to move in to Deal for many chains not represented. Still, Deal has a new phone shop now to replace 02 well it will soon Phones 4 U. I still think retail development needs to be done via Stanhope Road and Park Street. I also think a redevelopment of part of Queen Street, the Coop store and behind there would make a lovely little arcade. On a negative note does Deal need another charity shop - Red Cross is the lastest. On your term in office so far, I think you have done more for Dover and Deal in a year and half than your labour predecessor did in 14 years. But the jobcentre issue still needs addressing. I thought the jobcentre might be going to the empty interior shop opposite the post office but alas it seems Dominos Pizza will be opening a branch there. I think this is your most pressing issue for Deal now given rising unemployment nationwide, county wide and locally
- Gabriella Coscia

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