15 MAR 2012

Faster broadband = more jobs and money

Today I pressed BT to move ahead locally with fast broadband. I met with BT's Clova Fyfe and Bill Murphy and discussed their plans to improve our internet connection speeds.

BT are currently working on plans for super fast broadband, so I made our case for the greatest possible investment locally. Separately I also plan to meet Kent County Council to get coverage for areas that BT may not cover, using money given by the Government to the county council.

Google recently named Dover as a winner in their league of 'fastest growing internet business towns' in the UK. So it's clear that fast broadband access really matters for more local jobs and money. Fast broadband is also good for watching telly, but it's jobs and money that are my priority. This was a really good opportunity to put across the needs of our community for as much broadband as possible and as fast as possible! The next step will be to meet with Kent County Council to get coverage in areas that might otherwise be left out.


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Hi Charlie Why are you meeting with BT they are one of many solutions. Kent and your area has access to some of the fastest Broadband in the country thanks to KCC and its investment with Vfast wireless broadband not BT. Villages in Kent have access to 50mb down plus around 10mb up not through BT but through KCCs innovative approach to using an alternative to BT^% which is cheaper and faster to install. You need to look at why Kent is doing so well and its not BT who are helping the villages in Kent.
- Sean

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