01 SEP 2016

Farm Smells

The Government needs to finally puts a stop to the foul stench plaguing the district every summer.

Some people were forced to stay inside during the sweltering heat last week because of the disgusting smell coming from some farmers' fields.

It's unacceptable that people are unable to open their windows during the sweltering summer heat because of this awful smell.

This problem could be solved by simply making sure farmers are required to plough their field within 24 hours.

I will be writing to the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs demanding they put this into law.


This is something farmers have always done and it is rather unnecessary for you to take up this cause when there are so many other more important things to work on. I cannot support you on this at all and using inflammatory language as in 'demanding' is childish. The smell is awful when we have warm weather, but it lasts a very short amount of time. A law about this is ridiculous and you are wasting the Departments time and your own..
- Peter

People in Deal and Walmer also have suffer the stench for the past month, we would welcome anything to help get rid of the smell quickly and efficiently
- Michael

I live in Walmer and have been forced to stay indoors by the terrible smell. Windows and doors have had to stay closed. The smell was also bad in Deal Town centre. Not a good impression on visitors.
- Doreen

The smell is manure, a time honoured way of replacing nutrients in the soil depleted by growing crops. People have become so far removed from the source of their food sometimes they forget this. Yes it smells but personally I like my food so am prepared to put up with it.
- Pauline

the pong is back and contrary to the impression given in the above account i do not believe the offending smell is the result of farmyard manure but is caused by paper mill waste which if spread at the time it is delivered is not a problem but if left piled up in the field for months to fester will stink when then spread but also at the time of spreading should be masked by a covering material and worked into the soil within a specified time.
- trevor

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