04 JUL 2009

Family fun

With people complaining about bored kids and the lack of respect in our communities, you'd think everything is going to ruin.  Yet this weekend I had a real reminder of just how great our community in Dover and Deal is.

It was one of those weekends when my feet hardly touched the ground, there were so many things going on! Pat was holding a Strawberry Party at his place in Taswell Street . . .  

the Priory Forum was holding a funday where our newly elected Dover County Councillor Nigel Collor and I chatted with organiser Sheila Amos over an ice cream . . .

and then the Dover Carnival was in full swing and the Men of Kent were holding a party at Walmer Castle . . . not to mention the Horticultural and Dog Show going on down at Pencester at which my daughter Charlotte won first prize for the under 10s!

There's lots going on in Dover and Deal - yet I am keen to see more for kids and families to do outside the Summer festival season.  I've been thinking about things we can do like taking over a pub and making it a "dry pub" for teenagers to have fun without the downside. With such a resource you could have coffee mornings for more senior citizens and mums and tots getting together in the afternoons.  Something like that, in informal non institutional surroundings, could be quite fun and do a lot in Dover and in Deal.  I'd really like to know what people think. 


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