02 APR 2009

Expenses - they're at it again!

If you are a benefits cheat, why should you feel any shame when the employment minister acts as he does? If you are a peddler of filth or a fraudster, why should you feel any shame when the Home Secretary, who is meant to uphold the criminal law, acts as she does? And Dover's Labour MP has still failed to publish the full details of his expenses, as he said he would previously. Why?!? The way MPs - especially Labour MPs - have played the system is utterly disgusting. Respect for our national leaders is important. The appalling behaviour of these Parliamentarians - particularly the two ministers in the dock this time - eats away at our social fabric. It eats away at the respect, civility, honesty and decency that we collectively try to build in our society. It's time to clean house!


MP's expenses pale into insignificance when compared to the massive fraud that your shadow budget has put forward. I've just read on conservativehome what grand plans David and George have masterminded. A green budget? Why all this nonsense when you consider that out of one million dots drawn on a piece of paper Mans contribution to carbon dioxide comprises of a mere thirteen of those dots? Very odd really in my opinion. Charlie please explain to us why you and your party believe in man-made global warming.
- Phil

I take a hard headed approach. The science on this is not clear one way or the other to my mind. Yet if it is real and we do nothing, then the risks of heat death and rising sea levels is serious. So I believe we should look at renewables - wind farms out to sea - we should look at nuclear power and other alternatives to fossil fuels. And we should look at fuel cell powered vehicles charged from non or low emission sources. If we do that we also get the benefit of increased energy security and our towns and cities will ne less polluted and nicer places to be. For this reason, I think there is much to be said for taking a radical and positive approach. Green taxes just raise revenue and doing things like banning plastic bags etc make limited differences. What I am looking at would make us less dependent on unstable areas of the World and make real and radical change. What do you think?
- Charlie Elphicke

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