23 JAN 2015

East Kent Against Fracking

I met with East Kent Against Fracking – a local group who have campaigned for protection for East Kent from fracking and drilling.

I have made it clear that fracking is not eight in our corner of Kent. The safety case has not been made and there are concerns drilling for gas through the aquifer could contaminate our drinking water. We also don't want drilling sites around Shepherdswell and Tilmanstone ruining our beautiful countryside.

Time and time again, I have made the case for tougher regulation on drilling to the Government. I am glad concessions have been wrung from them. The changes made will ensure that fracking companies can no longer come to our corner of the Garden of England and seek to exploit it. The Government have made the right decision to tighten up the regulations and I am sure all campaigners will be ecstatic at this news.


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