05 JUL 2009

Dover War Memorial Project

During WWII Dover got seriously shot up. They called in Hellfire Corner. That's why we all think Dover deserves a George Cross and why I'm on the GC for Dover committee.

Keen volunteers have also set up the Dover War Memorial Project

This is an internet based memorial to all that our town lost.  It wasn't just people.  The big guns set up at Calais basically shot up a stunning regency town and left a mess which we are still struggling to sort out.

We also remember Walter Tull, a local man and the first ever black officer who lost his life in WWI. He was recommended for a Military Cross but didn't get one as he shouldn't have been an officer.  Field regulations didn't allow black officers back then.  We want to see that change and Walter given the medal he won and deserved to have.


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