27 FEB 2012

Dover Tattoo

Today I went along to the launch of the Dover Tattoo 2012 at Dover Castle.

Surveying the packed room at Dover Castle as the plans were set out highlighted how much enthusiasm there is to make things happen. Sponsors have come forward from the MoD, Dover District and Town Councils, KCC and London Fancy Box. The organisation is led by the indefatigable Mike McFarnell and his team. Brigadier Simon Wolsey and the army have been great in their support.

What we will get will be a fabulous celebration of our armed forces, the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, the Gurkha heroes and of course the great town of Dover. It will help boost our area and put us on the map.

We have some very talented and successful people in Dover and this willl be a great occasion to pull that altogether.



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