02 SEP 2016

Dover TAP & A20 40mph Speed Limit

We have waited far too long for Highways England to make the 40mph limit on the A20 variable.

I have again urged Highways England hurry up with scrapping the hated limit. It should only be enforced when Dover TAP is in place.

Drivers are sick and tired of crawling along the A20 while being tailgated by foreign lorries.

Unsurprisingly, people are using alternative routes. This means more traffic on the Alkham Valley Road and driving through Capel, creating further gridlock

When Dover TAP is enforced, lorries are stopped at traffic lights at the Western Heights roundabout. This prevents Snargate Street and Townwall Street from becoming gridlocked. These traffic lights should be moved further back along the A20 to stop parked-up lorries disrupting Aycliffe residents' sleep. Highways England must find a way of moving these traffic lights away from the Aycliffe estate.

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I heard on BBC Radio Kent a couple of weeks ago that the stupid 40mph limit was being replaced by a variable limit for times when congestion was bad. Yet the fixed signs still remain -what's going on??
- Neil Bailey

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