18 DEC 2015

Dover Lifeboat

It was fantastic to catch up with the team of staff and volunteers at the Dover Lifeboat. They do such incredible work saving lives at sea. It is inspiring to hear how most of the crew is staffed by volunteers.

I was taken on a tour of the boathouse and the Dover Lifeboat by Lifeboat Captain Simon Moore and Coxwain and mechanic James Clapham. They told me about the types of rescue challenges faced covering the English Channel, and about how the RLNI are increasing their focus on educating the public to help prevent marine incidents.

Thank you to everyone at Dover Lifeboat and the RLNI for being there to rescue lives at sea. I hope everyone will do all they can to support the RNLI and the Dover Lifeboat in their critical work. They rely on donations from the public to operate. Public support is essential to cover the cost of their operations each year.


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