07 SEP 2009

Dover goes High Speed!

Today I went along to Dover station at 6.30am to catch the train to work. And I discovered that it was the first service of the new Javelin High Speed train.

Lots of dignatories were there, quaffing champagne (bit early in the morning I thought). So, fortified by my big cup of commuter coffee, I went over to have a chat before getting on the train to go to work. A first commuter among the first citizens! I'm pictured here with Dover's County Councillor Nigel Collor, who got the rail chiefs to make sure the Javelin went to Dover (photo courtesy of Paul Boland of www.doverforum.com).

The journey was amazing. Just amazing. The train hurtled through the Kent countryside just like the Eurostar does. It was really smooth - none of this clattering over points you usually get. It was completely full by the time it left Ashford. And it turned up at St Pancras on time to the dot.

This service could be a major success.  Congratulations to C Cllr Nigel Collor for making sure Dover got the service and that we weren't left out. Dover is now an hour from London - down from an hour and a half. This is going to make a difference.


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