17 JUN 2016

Dover Counseling Centre

The Dover Counselling Centre does amazing work supporting people in distress up and down the land. I was deeply concerned to hear that developers working on the St James' Development are causing problems.

Cracks are appearing in the walls and above the doors of the listed building they operate from. Counsellors report that pictures are falling from the walls and dust falls from ceilings as deep piling works rock the building.

The centre, which was set up in the wake of the Zeebruge ferry disaster now receives an average of 370 calls a week from all over the country and receives around 7,000 referrals a year.

It is important that people have a calm place to come and seek solace and refuge. Clearly that is not going to happen when the building is rocking and pictures are falling off the walls.

I have written to Legal and General, Kier Group and Dover District Council to press for a solution that will restore a tranquility where counselling can be carried out in a calm atmosphere.


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