14 NOV 2014

Dover Christ Church Academy Visit

It was great to visit Dover Christ Church Academy to see the prgress being made at the school. It allowed me to catch up with staff, visit the maths department and talk to 6th Formers about his work and the issues affecting our community.

Christ Church Academy's Ofsted inspection in October found there was an 'improving picture' at the school. The report also highlighted how behaviour at the school has improved and students now wear their uniform 'with pride'.

The school is making good progress. The maths results were particularly encouraging and I was delighted to visit the maths department to see their work first hand.

My congratulations to Mrs Williamson and her team for all the progress they have been making. I now want to see Christ Church go from strength to strength. A good education is the best ladder to success in life and the improvements at Christ Church are very encouraging. It was great to see they are on the right track.


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