25 JUL 2008

Dover Air Training Corps looking to grow

Following its great success at the Dover carnival, 354 (Dover) Squadron of the Air Training Corps, motto "Venture Adventure" is looking to gain more recruits. So roll up, roll up!

The squadron formed part of a 50 piece band from across Kent which lead the recent Dover carnival. I went to visit the cadets with District Council cabinet member Cllr Nigel Collor. We went to see the officers and cadets to congratulate the squadron on its success and to hear about the squadron's plans for growth.

Turns out that the lads and lasses don't just play instruments - although they do that very well - they can also learn to fly and get a strong boost to their school eduction, leading to qualifications. It's clear to me that the ATC is really important to our community. The cadets learn the importance of teamwork and respect - things too often missing in our neighbourhoods. The cadets have great fun there and they are keen as mustard.

There are 23 cadets in total, who gain valuable education qualifications as well as having a lot of fun and learning to fly. I really hope more people will sign up and enjoy a broader horizon. They are lead by Flt Lt Nigel Harman, who's a great leader and a real inspiration. Great stuff!


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