12 DEC 2009

Door knocking in Shepherdswell

Today, our team went door knocking in Shepherdswell.  We heard deeply felt concerns about Labour's plans to close Dover's Buckland Hospital. People told us they really want to see a proper hospital back, as the Conservatives plan, not the little polyclinic the Government seek to palm us off with. They are sad Buckland will be closed - so many were born there or have had children there themselves. They feel what has happened is shameful.

And residents were deeply shocked that Labour now plan to sell off our Port. They saw it as a betrayal yes - but were also very worried about the security of our borders and what this change will mean for the mainstay of our local economy. More locally, a number mentioned the bus services and said they wanted to see a better service. I am taking this up with the District Council, to see what can be done.


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