07 NOV 2008

Does no-one want to be a Lib Dem anymore?

Will the Lib Dems ever get round to selecting a Parliamentary candidate? For ages now, the sitting Labour MP for Dover & Deal and I have been setting out our stalls . . . but from the Lib Dems, hardly a peep. I raise it, as people are beginning to ask if they've given up altogether. They are certainly cutting it a bit fine, as there is talk of a General Election as early as next year.

What exactly is going on with Dover & Deal's Lib Dems? Have they have just lost their way locally or does no-one want to be their candidate? Last time, their candidate was the excellent Antony Hook, whose blog I highly recommend. Antony likes to take a pop at me (who says politics isn't fun any more?!), albeit a touch bitter at times (but then they did get thumped in the by election, so it's all quite understandable).

So who will stand for the Lib Dems . . . ?


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