20 APR 2009

Difficulties at Deal Town Council

Serious concerns have come to light with the running of Deal Town Council. An audit report has been presented to the town council which is a matter of very deep concern. There is a clamour for it to be published, but to date it remains under wraps.

A number of very serious allegations are apparently made in the audit report about the conduct, procedures, probity and behaviour of the town council and councillors (not, it is said, officers). More than this I do not know. Yet I do know that, just like the disgraceful MPs expenses mess, we have a right to know whether public money has been spent properly. And we have a right to see the report and know what exactly our town councillors have been up to with our money.

This is very difficult for the Mayor of Deal. Yet I feel he should do the right thing. And that is to be open and to level with the people of Deal. To publish the report. And to be energetic in setting out the measures he will take to ensure that trust and confidence in the town council can be restored for the long term. If he does that, I reckon he will get a lot of respect and support.


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