22 JAN 2009

Deal's business gathering at the castle

This evening an incredible business get together was held in Deal Castle. It was just amazing how many people came along. There must have been over 200 there. It was a fantastic event and good on the organisers, Stephanie Hayman, Jane Langstaff and many others, for getting together so many businesses.

And it is necessary too! Deal and East Kent are in the same boat as the rest of the country. Things are tough. The high street is losing shops. We are all in it together and we all need to work together to rebuild our local as well as our national economy. I spent a lot of time listening to what people thought needed to be done.

It was a particular pleasure to meet Jasin Kaplan who owns the wonderful new cafe at the end of the pier. This man is a hero of mine! His wonderful cafe does the most brilliant fry ups ever and going there on Saturday morning with the family is the high point of my week. That's Jasin in the picture with Jane Langstaff.


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