05 MAR 2010

Deal Labour Exchange

Some weeks ago, I was having a coffee in the Landmark Centre with Town Councillors Wayne Elliot (Con) and Keith Turner (Lib Dem). A lady on the next door table was saying how hard it was to find jobs and was unhappy that the only JobCentre is in Dover. The trip was expensive and it all took a lot of time as well.

So we thought we should act to help people in and near Deal by setting up a labour exchange. Keith got together everyone at the Landmark (Keith runs it) and Wayne and I got onto the local businesses. We got everyone round a table and all agreed a Labour Exchange would be a good first step and could be set up at the Landmark.

So here we are - it's off the ground and going. Just a board at the moment. But Keith and his team at the Landmark have some really great ideas to get everything online, they plan to ask the Dover JobCentre if they will set up at the Landmark Centre and generally blend this action in with their excellent Jobs Clubs and skills work. They really do fantastic work and it's amazing just how well used the Landmark is by so many community groups.

Now setting up the labour exchange is not political - it was just the right thing to do. And it all goes to show what a great community we have in Deal that everyone has rallied round and just got on with it. And what a great resource we have in the Landmark Centre.


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