13 JUL 2014

Deal Barracks 25th Anniversary Concert

It was an honour to attend the 25th Anniversary concert in Deal on Sunday to commemorate the victims of the IRA bombing of Deal Barracks in 1989.

On the morning of the 22nd September 1989, the Provision IRA exploded a 15lb bomb at the Royal Marine Barracks in Deal, at the School of Music building, killing 11 Marine bandsmen and wounding a further 21 soldiers. The Royal Marines mark the tragic event every year with a march through Deal and a concert and rededication service at the Bandstand on Walmer Green.

It was an honour to lay a wreath and commemorate those bandsmen who died at Deal Barracks twenty five years ago.

It was a fantastic concert and a fitting tribute to those who were killed by this hideous attack. This bomb touched our community deeply and so many people were affected in its aftermath. Tragically, many of its victims were only in their teens.

I really enjoyed all the music from the Royal Marines Bands and the moving rededication ceremony at the bandstand. So many residents turned out to pay their respects. They always welcome back the bandsmen and remember their sacrifice.

We will never forget what happened and will always honour their memory.


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