22 AUG 2008

Crime fighters!

Conservative-controlled Dover District Council has had great success in fighting crime in partnership with Kent Police. The Council’s Anti-social Behaviour Unit is working to crackdown on crime. A key priority is to provide more things for our young people to do. More things for younger people to do is a priority to help cut crime.

But they can't do it all on their own. They need the support of Central Government. So David Cameron and the Conservatives have launched a long-term Crime Action Plan. The key measures are:

  • Make families stronger, keeping families together so children have a stable upbringing
  • Support teachers to teach children the need for respect and bringing more good schools into deprived communities, for example, the Astor Federation has turned the failing St Radigunds School into the successful White Cliffs Primary
  • Help young people to come off welfare and into work. Work brings responsibility, dignity, money and respect, making people less likely to commit crime
  • A National Citizens Service, where all 16-year-olds can go on a six-week programme to develop the confidence and skills to contribute to society
  • Tough enforcement and prison sentences for young people caught carrying illegal knives, whilst also working to rehabilitate young offenders.


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