03 DEC 2009

Conservatives win North Deal by election

A big congratulations to Carol Stickler.  Carol and the Conservatives won a very hard fought Deal Town Council by election in North Deal. The seat was gained from the Labour Party.

The results were:

Conservatives 529 votes (50%)

Labour 337 votes (32%)

Lib Dem 198 (19%)

The photo shows us celebrating with North Deal District Councillor Charlie Kirby. On the doorstep, people told us that they liked our positive vision for Deal and the way we look forward to the future we can build for our town and the nation.

As a result of this by election, Labour lose control of Deal Town Council. This will hopefully enable the finances of the Council to be properly examined and for things to be put right after the damning Audit Report into financial problems and maladministration at the Council. I hope all parties will work together positively for the benefit of our town.


Simply - wow!
- Bern

out of interest, what was the percentage of turn out?
- howard mcsweeney

How nice to see a PCC working to support and WIN a Town Council Election. Sadly there are many in our party who avoid getting involved with Town and Parish Councils. Ours in Calderdale are mainly LD dominated except where any conservatives stand as Independents. Yet these very local elections should be at the heart of our campaigning and 'training ground' for District elections,
- Andy

About 25% I think. Given it was a cold, wet and windy day in December I thought it might be lower Howard!
- Charlie Elphicke

It was nearer 20% Charlie! Labour probably wish they had sent out the polling cards!
- Charlie Barker

Indeed. I don't understand why they voted not to.
- Charlie Elphicke

As boxes secretary for Deal and Walmer District NSPCC,it was nice to see prospective M.P.for Dover Deal, Charlie Elphicke, take time out from his busy schedule to have a chat,and make what was indeed a very generous donation.,he appears to be very proactive
- John Battles

This is all well and good. I don't vote Labour but I am in two minds about the Conservatives. I have to say, that I find DDC lack vision for the town centres of Dover and Deal. The administration allowed a Tattooeist's and a YMCA shop yet another charity shop to open in a prime corner site formerly occupied by Martins, and an Amusement Arcade to open opposite Boots the Chemist despite the council fighting a previous application from the same person further down. All of this seems to be at odds with regenerating Deal in fact I would say Deal seems to have more than its fair share of value stores both independent and national. Not good for regeneration and one only has to look at Dover, Ramsgate and Margate in particular the last two to see what Westwood did to them. There does need to be a vision for employment in Deal in particular eg the Minters site at Southwall Road should be used for commerial businesses it has to go somewhere. A job centre also needs to reopen in Deal. Remember it's a lovely town but also very poor for a lot of people. Bear that in mind
- Gabbyco

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