18 FEB 2010

Conservatives pledge to review Gordon Brown's port sell off

The Dover Express today reports how the Conservatives will review Gordon Brown's plan to sell off our port. Unlike Gordon Brown, the Conservatives will to listen to our community. I'm really delighted to have the support of the Conservative Front Bench and the Shadow Transport Secretary on this matter.

It's important for our community. It's important for the security of our borders. For sure, privatisation is not always a "bad thing" - but where it's a strategic asset like the Urenco Uranium Enrichment company or our nation's borders that, to me, is a different matter.  You wouldn't privatise the army and in the same way things that are important to national security should not be sold off either.

This is why I'm getting up a petition. So our community's voice can be heard. Please do sign it to help my campaign to keep Gordon Brown's hands off our port.


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