04 MAY 2009

Conservatives and Lib Dems join forces on Deal Council

This morning, I was ambling down to Boots, when I bumped into a group of Conservative and Lib Dem town councillors being photographed by the East Kent Mercury. They have joined forces to call a special meeting of Deal Town Council calling for all councillors mentioned in the damning audit report to be removed from positions of responsibility. I am delighted for us to be joining together with the Lib Dems - just as we did on the Gurkha justice vote last week.

But I had thought there was another councillor who signed the call for a meeting - a Labour councillor.  Where was he I asked? Ah well . . . they said.  It seems he has been bullied back into line with threats and the usual nasty stuff the Dover & Deal Labour Party seem to be getting quite a name for lately.  So he'd asked for his name to be taken off the list.  Seems the Labour Party is still in denial. Still trying to cover everything up.  Still hasn't taken action against the councillors at the centre of the storm. And they are still not saying sorry for sinking Deal in this ocean of sleaze.

So if any Labour councillors are reading this, who are honest and have had enough, do feel free to drop us a line and join us in our fight to clean up Deal.



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