07 MAY 2010

Conservative Gain!

The Dover & Deal election result was declared in the small hours of Friday morning, 7th May. Here is a video by the amazing Mike McFarnell:

The result was:

Charlie Elphicke      Conservative                              22,174     44.0    +9.1
Gwyn Prosser         Labour                                       16,900      33.5   -11.8
John Brigden           Liberal Democrat                         7,962      15.8    +0.0
Victor Matcham       UK Independence Party               1,747        3.5    +0.8
Dennis Whiting       British National Party                   1,104        2.2    +2.2
Michael Walters      English Democrats                          216        0.4    +0.4
David Clark             Christian Peoples Alliance               200        0.4    +0.4
George Lee-Delisle Independent                                     82        0.2    +0.2
Majority                                                                       5,274     10.5
Turnout                                                                     50,385     70.1     +2.8

Thank you to everyone who voted Conservative in Dover & Deal. To be elected to serve the people of Dover and Deal is the greatest of honours. I will work tirelessly to deliver the things we need for our community.

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At last we have a decent MP! Well done Charlie keep up the good work. TRACY
- Tracy Wilton

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