11 SEP 2017

Congestion means air in Deal is worse than parts of London

Parts of Deal suffer worse air pollution than areas of central London. That is shocking and I want to see action to address it. 

Research carried out by local campaign group Deal With It found nitrogen dioxide levels measured 52.9 micrograms per cubic metre. The EU's legal limit is 40.

They were taking readings near Deal Castle as part of an air quality study by Friends of the Earth. The reading was the only one in east Kent to exceed the legal limit.

After meeting with Deal With It organisers last week, I believe it is further proof of the need for a new road into North Deal.

It's shocking that parts of Deal have worse air pollution than central London. Everyone knows congestion is a major cause of poor air quality. There needs to be less unnecessary traffic in the town centre. A new road direct to North Deal would help get cars out of the town centre and reduce pollution.

I have long called for safety improvements on the A258. I would like to see a new road built direct to North Deal, providing a faster route between the towns and relieving pressure on the existing route.

In recent weeks Tracy and Symon Squire – the parents of tragically killed cyclist Daniel – backed my campaign. Daniel Squire was 18 years old when his bike was struck from behind by a van on the A258 in 2013.

A total of 228 crashes have taken place on that stretch since 2003, including more than 100 between 2010 and 2016.

I want the authorities to look at building a new road to connect the towns, such as a dualled spur from the A256 to connect to Middle Deal and the North End.


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