22 NOV 2008

Coffee at Roger's Place

Cllr Roger Walkden kindly hosted a coffee morning for anyone in Dover's Maxton, Elms Vale and Priory area to drop in. The turnout was amazing - we couldn't squeeze everyone into a photo, but as you can see we had a really good go!

What did people talk about? There was a lot of concern about the trouble at the port. People are really worried about local jobs and increasingly concerned that the current Member of Parliament has seriously mishandled the whole business. Especially as the retirement pensions of port workers are at risk. A couple of residents were concerned that dog mess bins are not emptied, which the councillors are looking into. Also raised was the safety of parking in some of Dover's roads.

There was also a lot of amusement about the national press coverage on the fake Status Quo singer getting a ride in the Dover Mayor's limo. The town councillors present did get a bit of a ribbing . . .

Thanks so much to Roger and his lovely wife Jean for making us all feel so at home.


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