31 JAN 2009

Coffee at Peter's place

This morning, Peter Wibley kindly hosted a coffee morning at his home in River. We all had a good chat about the state of things. The topic everyone wanted to talk about was whether Britain is becoming ungovernable again. The 1970s seems such a long time ago - I shudder just at the memory of the way Britain was humiliated - yet history has a habit of repeating itself, it would appear.

Imagine what you'd have said if a friend had predicted a year ago that the country would soon be virtually bankrupt, the financial system in meltdown, we'd see the biggest downturn for nearly half a century, the Government running out of money and a whole load of workers walking out in a massive countrywide wildcat strike. You'd have thought they were crazy. And yet here we are. It's a tragedy. I feel so angry about the state we're in. If the Conservatives take power at the next election, tough measures will be needed. There will be no alternative.

As for British jobs for British workers - spin does have a habit of coming back to bite you, as Gordon Brown has just found out. That said, we simply cannot carry on with anyone just walking into Britain. Proper border security and agreed limits on the number of new arrivals is a must.


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