23 APR 2009

Clean up Deal Town Council

Recent reports in the local press indicate that the concerns at Deal Town Council are not just concerns - but it seems downright bad bad bad things have been going on. It looks like at least two councillors should resign over their behaviour. Frankly, as a resident and taxpayer of Deal myself, I am disgusted that the town council has been run in such a disgraceful manner.  We need to clean house - just as we need to clean house on the revolting MP expenses mess. 

This is all a massive concern to the whole community. You'd expect me the crow that the council is Labour run. OK so maybe there is a bent culture thing going on with Labour MPs' expenses, the McBride stuff in No 10 and now this, but I'm actually far more concerned that we simply clean things up. That we restore trust and confidence in the town council and public life generally. So I have been appealing to the Mayor of Deal publicly and privately to join with us in cleaning things up.  I don't care that he's Labour - I care far more about sorting it all out. Yet they are still in denial about the whole thing, even though it seems the press have all got the "secret" report and are quoting from it with glee!

Now, respected Labour Mill Hill town councillor Tracy Wilton has resigned in disgust. It looks like there will be a by election in Mill Hill.  Hats off to Tracy for refusing to stand for this nonsense. I for one hope that we will see more of her in our local public life. Seems to me we need brave people like Tracy who stand up for what's right.


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