23 OCT 2009

Churches Together in Deal

This evening I attended a Churches Together service in Deal - a very suspect iPhone picture is to the right! We heard all about the persecution and reliegious hatred that goes on in the World. In many countries, people who believe in God get thrown into jail or killed. Places like North Korea, India's state of Orissa, Nigeria, Somalia and Eritrea.

We're really lucky here in Britain. We don't have that sort of hatred based on race or religion. I am free to go about, believe in God and talk about how I am for life - especially when it comes to the older people they are trying to bump off these days. That's why I so loathe the sort of hate and division peddled by the BNP. Hearing these things that go on abroad makes you realise how lucky we are to have so much freedom in the UK. We reject the people that seek to divide us and try to set us against each other.


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