21 JUL 2010

Charlie welcomes his first school group to Parliament!

This week I welcomed my first school group to Parliament, when twenty students from Archer's Court's Gifted and Talented Class visited Westminster.

After their tour I met them in the shadow of Big Ben and discussed their first impressions of the building and which bits they liked best. The view of most of the pupils was that the House of Commons looked a lot smaller than it appeared on the television!

I am delighted that Archer's Court were able to come up to Westminster and I hope they had a good and interesting time. I am looking forward to welcoming groups from all schools in the Dover and Deal constituency to Westminster. It is so important for young people to understand how our democracy and our politics works on a day to day basis, aside from the weekly spectacle of Prime Minister's Questions! One of the best ways to inspire and sustain interest is to show young adults this building, for them to understand the history and personalities that have shaped Westminster and how one MP can make a difference.

Following the tour, I sent certificates to all the pupils who came to Westminster, as a momento of the day.

I'm pictured here with Gifted and Talented Pupils from Archer's Court and their Teacher, Mrs Victoria Wallis.


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