13 JUL 2010

Charlie calls for National Insurance relief in Dover and the South East

I made the case for National Insurance Relief in Dover and the South East of England during the Commons' Debate on the Finance Bill. I highlighted the pockets of poverty in Dover and across East Kent and South East. I am keen to see that our community will benefit from the National Insurance relief for new businesses. If this is not possible, then I hope the new regional fund will be focused on helping small businesses that create jobs:

In the Commons, I said: "I particularly welcome the new business national insurance relief, which is extraordinarily important. Obviously, as a representative of Dover, I would say that ideally it should be extended across the nation, especially in deprived areas of the south-east that have benefited from social structural European funds-not just Dover but other parts of east Kent and the south-east. We need to clear away the deprivation and the benefits culture that has grown up in recent years so that we can unlock the potential, the hope and the chances in each and every citizen of our nation. If we get them off benefits and back into work and break the cycle of poverty, we bring hope and unlock that potential. That to me is the most important thing-to give everyone in this country a real crack at opportunity in life. In this Budget and this Finance Bill, difficult and bold decisions have been taken, but they are the right decisions, and I support the Bill."

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One of the biggest problems for small business is the business rate, which penalises small shops, etc., and provides little or no benefit to the town
- Bill Beer

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