22 SEP 2012

Channel Dash Monument

It was a great day for Dover to see the Channel Dash Monument unveiled on the seafront. The Channel Dash was one of the great events of the Second World War. The Germans wanted to get a flotilla including the pocket battleship "Sharnhorst" back to Germany from a French port. The quickest way was up the English Channel. But it was also dangerous as Britain would try to sink the German ships. In the end the Germans managed to get their ships through - but the ships were never to threaten Britain's Atlantic supply lines again.

For Britain it felt like a defeat as the ships got through, but the German High Command saw it as a tactical victory but strategic defeat since the ships could not effectively harry the British again. So kind of a score draw! Still it's remembered as a major naval engagement and we celebrate the heroism and courage shown on both sides.

HMS Kent was in Dover Harbour for the event and provided an honour guard. The Monument was unveiled by the First Sea Lord, Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope - the picture on the left shows the Monument being unveiled. There were flypasts by a Spitfire and a Swordfish torpedo plane. The event was a great success and took a lot of organising. Many congratulations to the Channel Dash Association for their successful campaign for a Monument and for organising a day that went so well.


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