01 AUG 2009

Boosting Deal Hospital

The Deal Hospital Fete, held to raise funds for Deal Victoria Hospital was great fun.  We ended up with all manner of pot plants and the biggest balloons I have ever seen! Not to mention the golfing accessories I won in the Rotary lucky dip. It was packed out with people who came to support our much loved hospital.

And it's a great hospital too.  Now some people ask why I'm so passionate about more beds and more services in Deal. Well . . . my neighbour in Beach Street had a sister who was terminally ill - she's passed away now - but he was having to visit her in Margate.  He wanted a bed for her in Deal so he could spend more time with her.  There were no beds.  He was really upset.  This is what I mean when I speak of the need for loved ones to be able to visit the sick in our community, because he didn't get to see as much of her as he would have liked in her last days. And that's why I keep on about local beds - they've actually been cutting the number of beds and I'm not happy about it. 

We should have more done locally here in Deal. I was so appalled when they talked about the hospital becoming a "Dover model" health facility . . . a polyclinic in other words. My warning the community of that threat seems to have made the Government's health chiefs back off for now. I will keep on pressing for more to be done locally however.

Anyway, I disgress.  The fete was great fun. I bumped into Cllr Adrian Friend and Thomas was having lots of fun.  He enjoyed the bouncy castle as well as those oversized balloons . . . and afterwards we went to the Lydden Bell for lunch.  A great pub with super food as well as a fabulous garden for the kids to run about in. I recommend it totally!


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