26 FEB 2017

Backing the campaign against animal abusers

I am backing a campaign for tougher punishments for people who abuse animals.

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home has highlighted the "unacceptably low" penalties for cruelty and neglect offences, and I am joining calls for the maximum sentence to be raised to five years in prison.

People may be aware that I am a proud animal lover with an eight-year-old Norwich Terrier called Star.

It is unacceptable that people can abuse animals and get away with such a small penalty. It sickens me to hear of cases of abuse. We must have tougher sentences for the despicable people who harm these helpless creatures. 

Claire Horton, Battersea's chief executive, told me: "It isn't acceptable that our courts are unable to hand out tougher sentences in such extreme animal cruelty cases, yet the likes of fly-tipping can result in prison sentences of up to five years.

"Let's get this into proportion and let the punishment for abusing animals truly fit the crime."


Thank you. I am an avid lover of animals and applaud you for this. The penalty does not fit the crime. Animals need stronger deterrents to aid their protection.
- Helen Williamson

Thank You Charlie. I am a supporter of Battersea and know how much they care, but the backing is not there when needed. Good luck with your call for harsher sentences, they should fit the crime. Doreen
- doreen collins. email gaggsville@gmail.com

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