22 APR 2009

Backing local jobs in Deal

This evening I hosted a Town Hall in Deal as part of my backing local jobs campaign.  On the panel was Shadow Minister Mark Simmonds MP, Kent County Council cabinet member C Cllr Parry and Dover District Council cabinet member Cllr Smith.

Many points were raised at the meeting and there were lots of really good ideas.  Issues raised included getting the Betteshangar business park open soonest (SEEDA has made a complete hash of this), the need for a cinema back in Deal, a desire for the quarterdeck to be either preserved or rebuilt in a way that enables more leisure facilities for Deal and many wanted a large hotel to attract people to Deal. There was also much concern about parking charges in the town vs out of town shopping centres which are free.

We had a really good discussion on all these things.  Much has been done in Deal to regenerate the town by the Conservative council.  Yet more needs to be done in the way of attractions, leisure activities and kids stuff.  These things take time, yet I am really keen to see them happen.  It's not just about tourism - there isn't enough for our young people to do locally!


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