17 FEB 2009

Backing Dover's economy

This evening I attended the Best of Dover business event and the Film Festival at Dover Town Hall. It was impressive to see so many local business people come along and the strength of resolve that we will all weather the storm this year. Congratulations are once again in order to Mike McFarnell for organising another brilliant event in Dover. Mike's move from Pageantry to Film has been a seemless transition! Thanks too to www.doverforum.com for allowing me to use the attached photograph.

Doverforum do great work keeping us all up to date on Dovorian affairs, as well as being a lot of fun! We shouldn't forget what a great town we have and the potential that lies all around us. Only London and Dover are important enough to have names in three languages! Dover is the busiest port in Western Europe. We have the incredible White Cliffs, great scenery and a heritage story as long as your arm.

Afterwards, I thought about how great the water front could be if we use the Western Docks development as an opportunity to get the lorries out of Townwall Street. If we get on and do a big water front marina style development like they have in Southampton. And if we succeed in maximising the heritage that we have . . . "they will come" as the immortal line goes in that film Field of Dreams. I know the excellent district council is looking at these ideas in its regeneration plans and I will do all I can to support this important work so that we come out of these difficult economic times stronger and well placed for the future.


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