11 APR 2014

Aycliffe Residents' Forum

I attended a packed meeting of the Aycliffe Residents Forum on Friday. I was proud to receive a petition from Aycliffe residents with 150 signatures, calling for a new children's playground. I heard the views of over 100 people in the Aycliffe area who attended the meeting. Top of residents' concerns was the removal of the children's playground in Aycliffe.

I received the petition, organised by Millie Cole, 15, calling for a new children's play area in Aycliffe. It's important Aycliffe's councillors listen carefully to residents' concerns about planning matters. It is also important that they take up residents' concerns and keep them informed about planning applications.

There was a lot of anger and a widespread belief that the councillors hadn't been active on the concerns being expressed. People said they felt very let down. It is clear that there is very strong feeling on this matter and people in Aycliffe's concerns must be addressed.


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