07 NOV 2009

Action on abusive relationships

After a great day out chatting to people on the doorsteps of Temple Ewell, this evening I attended a fundraising event for a new charity aiming to help and protect people in abusive relationships. There is a large unmet need for help in Deal and the nearby villages and this is an issue I care very deeply about. As you can see, it was 1940s themed . . .

There is certainly a problem locally - a number of people have contacted me for help, which is part of what caused me to act. They are totally let down by Social Services (I think there's a problem there, as I have had a number of cases where local Social Services have failed mentally ill people too). The Police have limited powers to act. So this charity aims to fill a space to the problem of relationship abuse that affects men and women. And I support it strongly as families often lose their kids and people end up badly damaged - physically or turned into a nervous wreck.

I was told an abused person can be beaten up or otherwise attacked 30 times before finally getting away. It can take time as a sort of Stockholm Syndrome apparently develops. By that time, in all too many cases, Social Services have taken the kids away. So it's lose lose all round. This is why it's so important to provide help and assistance to people  in this position. Donna (pictured left), her law firm Payne & Co and this charity will be able to provide practical help. I'm delighted to be involved and will do all I can to help it become a real success. And I will continue to urge KCC to improve our local Social Services too.


Charlie, NOT a good idea to have your photograph taken next to someone wearing German WW2 military uniform whilst clutching a pint. I've got a horrible feeling that if your political career prospers the next time we see this will be on a Private Eye cover with a suitable voice bubble attached!
- Bob Frost

Thanks Bob! I think most people would see that it is a fanncy dress party, to raise money for charity. Clearly I shall have to avoid anything to do with the Home Office or Justice Department!!
- Charlie Elphicke

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