31 JAN 2009

A256 concerns

Over on the ChatMap, Waldershare resident Robert Gibson raised a concern about the closing of entries onto the A256. So I went to see him today to hear more about his concerns.

The A256 "East Kent Access" is sort of a road to nowhere. It was meant to join with the A2 Thanet Way, but that has sort of never happened. One tenth of the cars use this swish dual carriageway as use the horrible, accident ridden Dover-Deal A258. And living in Deal myself, I can tell you why. You just can't get to the A256 from Deal without going through lots of single track rubbish roads. So it's much quicker to go on the A258. Hence all the accidents, since the A258 is simply not meant to take this weight of traffic. There really needs to be a link road into Sholden or Mill Hill. Think I'm being a dreadful traffic bore? Not if you live in Deal, where this is all a constant and serious concern!

And Robert's worry is that what traffic does actually use the A256 is being discouraged by highways engineers. At the Eythorne junction, they closed off the right turn from Eythorne to Dover. The result? Lots of cars down Sandwich Road outside his house and the High & Dry Pub. It not a nimby thing as the dual carriageway is only another 50 yards away (zoom in on the map and you'll see what I mean) - it's an accident thing. He tells me there have been loads of accidents outside his house since the closure. Before the closure there was about one accident on the A256.

He is more concerned still as he tells me they now plan to close the right turn into Eythorne as well. What will happen? Cars will come off the roundabout at Tilmanstone and go through Eythorne village centre. That won't affect Robert at all, but he's concerned for the village. So I'm interested to hear what residents locally think about all these plans and whether the A256 turn here should just be re-opened, traffic lighted, roundabouted or anything else. Please do let me know what you think in the comments here or by email. Thank you Robert for raising this issue.


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