04 DEC 2015

£250m investment to end Operation Stack

It is fantastic news that the Chancellor announced in the Autumn Statement £250m to be invested in building lorry parks on the M20 so that Operation Stack will no longer be needed, and gridlock in our town can be eased.

These lorry parks need to work in tandem with the Dover TAP system, and have an advance check-in system to manage lorry traffic so that instead of ploughing into Dover whether the Port is ready to receive them or not, lorries would have to check-in and only travel on towards our town when there is space for them.

A lot of constituents have been contacting me not only about the traffic problems on Dover roads, but about illegally parked HGV's obstructing our main roads and rural villages. Designated lorry parks will also help tackle the problem of lorries parking where they shouldn't.


The use of lorry parks must be mandatory otherwise foreign HGVs will still use inappropriate and dangerous verges and slip roads. Once again I suggest the price for a redeemable voucher for lorry parking be added to ferry ticket . There must also be more than one so that HGVs approaching the Port have access to a lorry park whichever rout they choose to use.
- Cllr Mog Ovenden

Foreign lorry drivers park where they want because they know the Police will not fine them or move them on. Why not use the same system as France. You park up you pay the fine there and then, Police take you to a cash point or you use a credit card. It stopped it there. We have ANPR cameras at the ports. Use them. If a ticket is issued the registration is logged immediately if it is not paid prior to departure the fine is double, Dover Port Police act taking half the fine. Self funding.
- Tony

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