22 JUL 2016

Having our border in Calais works for Britain AND France

Our community of Dover and Deal is on the front line. Our history is steeped in the safety and security of the nation. Once again the need for that security has been in the spotlight this week. In the House of Commons I voted to ensure we renew our nuclear deterrent. The Trident system will mean we maintain continuous deterrence at sea. This is a potent reminder to our enemies that there is still a Great in Britain and that we take our security very seriously. The...

14 JUL 2016

Learning about cancer prevention from Cancer Research UK

It was incredible to hear how many cases of cancer could be prevented by better lifestyle choices from Cancer Research UK. We have a worrying level of obesity in the Dover area, and that, combined with people smoking and not taking regular exercise is contributing to more people developing the disease. More than four in ten cancer cases in the UK could be prevented each year, with smoking and obesity being the biggest avoidable causes of the disease. In the local...

14 JUL 2016

The Prime Minister, Theresa May, has a bold vision of a Britain that works for everyone

The amazing thing about our democracy is how robust it is. It is just three weeks since the EU Referendum. Since then we have seen markets going into free fall threatening an economic crisis. That swiftly followed by a political crisis as the Prime Minister resigned. Next the Labour leader was effectively rejected by his party's MPs. Then at the height of the storm, a ray of sunlight shines through the clouds with a new Prime Minister to restore order. Not just to...

In June, the New Dover Hospital opened its door to patients. To have a brand new state of the art, fit for purpose hospital in the middle of Dover shows how far we've come in getting a fairer share of healthcare for our community.

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