18 JAN 2018

First class healthcare is my top priority

Nothing is more important than knowing you and your loved ones will receive the best possible care. That is why healthcare in Dover and Deal is right at the top of my agenda. I've been fighting to get more services for our area. So I am delighted that this week we received confirmation of a new £2.4 million project to provide extra GP services at Buckland and Deal Hospital. "Primary care hubs" will work out of ten rooms across both sites. They will be open 8am to...

17 JAN 2018

Banking regulators let down the people of Dover and Deal

I have blasted banking regulators for never saying sorry to Dover and Deal people affected by the financial crash. Hundreds of Dovorians lost their jobs, scores of businesses closed and local taxpayers lost £51 million invested in Icelandic banks. In a Treasury Select Committee hearing I grilled Sam Woods, Deputy Governor of the Prudential Regulation Authority. I told him: "The person on the street feels very strongly that the banks behaved irresponsibly in the...

12 JAN 2018

Villages finally get fast broadband after hard-fought campaign

Fast broadband has arrived in Dover villages after my campaign. Residents in places like Lydden and Temple Ewell had internet speeds of less than two megabytes per second – ten times slower than parts of Dover itself. Last year I got a commitment from Openreach to install a street cabinet with new fibres in Canterbury Road, Lydden, on the southern edge of Chunnel Plant Hire's depot. This week Kent County Council confirmed the cabinet is in place and residents...

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