17 JUL 2018

WATCH: Why MPs must show the same Brexit courage as voters

My speech in the House of Commons, during the debate on the 'Customs Bill', on why MPs must show the same courage as voters when it comes to Brexit, In the referendum campaign, the Home Office told my constituents that the jungle would move from Calais to Dover. The former Prime Minister said that there would be queues of lorries and gridlock on the way to Dover—a mantra that the Labour party took up. The Treasury told my constituents that they would lose their...

12 JUL 2018

Celebrating our local community champions

Recent weeks have been a powerful reminder of how many people in Dover and Deal go the extra mile to make a difference. These community champions are making a massive difference – changing the lives of people around them vastly for the better. Take James Salmon from Dover Sea Safari. In his spare time he's been working tirelessly to transform the quality of life of disabled people with his team of fellow volunteers at Wetwheels. This is an amazing project which...

12 JUL 2018

Horrible hoarding is coming down!

The 'Welcome to Dover' sign is being torn down and the Crypt is being cleared up! This is fantastic news. Dover District Council deserve huge credit for listening to the community's concerns and taking action. I met with met with local fish and chip shop owner Silvio Macari and White Cliffs Country Tourism Association chairman Graham Hutchison in the area last month.   They agreed that the 'Welcome to Dover' sign, put up by the Labour mayor four years ago, has...